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Corporate Vision

MT Plastik A.S. has been established on 2007 in Duzce - Turkey. It proudly focus its efforts to serve its customers with ambitious terms of quality, reliability and expertise with its standard range and customized PET, PS, ABS, ABS+PMMA and Free Foamed PVC sheets. In home and abroad registered trademarks of polimer sheets produced by MT Plastik A.S, is Plastech.

We have been investing for years in plastic technologies, sharing its expertise with all fields of applications; signage, furniture, architecture, home and decoration.

MT Plastik A.S. focus its customer wills locally with one wide PET, one wide PS/ABS and four wide Free Foamed PVC lines and their utilities at in around 15.000 sqm closed facility. Personal care, dynamic team, flexible delivery conditions, fast responsiveness, respect for nature and human are just some features you will find throughout our organisation.

We are continuously working on new products and searching for the most cost-effective solutions in always high quality standards.

With 40.000 MT/year polymer processing capacity MT Plastik A.S. is one of the Europe’s largest producer of PET, ABS, PP, HIPS and PVC Free Foam Sheet Extrusion and LDPE Rotation. For PET, PS / ABC extrudes has also Co- extrusion property even till five layers. This offers you exceptional opportunities for specifying the material combinations that will produce the mechanical, chemical and physical properties, surface finish, colour and environmental performance you need.

Our trained, dedicated and experienced staff operate the most advanced extrusion and rotation machineries at strict quality assurance standards.

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