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Human Resources
Our company believes that a successful business is dependant upon the efforts of motivated and happy employees given clear direction and goals.


As M&T Displays has evolved, certain defining principles have played -and will continue to play- a central role in our success.

M&T was created out of a desire to meet a customer need that had been overlooked by our industry. So when we mention customer satisfaction, our commitment is more than just a way of doing business; it is the formation upon which our company was formed.

We are passionately focused on driving customer success and with our "can do" attitude we do get the job done -even when the odds are stacked against us.

Above all, you will find honesty, integrity and mutual respect for our employees, business partnerships and customers at M&T. You will see these values reflected to everything we do.

At M&T Group, each employee continually seeks opportunities to learn, share and better serve our customers. Our corporate culture encourages entrepreneurs and people with new ideas. It is a dynamic environment that thrives on continuous training and improvement. We work hard as individuals and within teams to the benchmark of our industry for our many customers. As a result seek talent that flourishes in this environment and takes pride in performing beyond our customers' expectations.

We are always interested in hearing from new prospective candidates.  Please send us your cv.

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