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Maximum width is 1350 mm. The thickness varies between 0,30 - 1,5 mm. Protective film is available if requested. For colour options please contact with our sales executives. PET line has been equipped with one 75 dia main and one 45 dia co-extruders. It is a Battenfeld machine.

Capacity is about 700 kg/ h as from 250 microns to 1350 microns, matte/matte, matte/gloss and gloss/gloss also transparent and colored alternatives. At PET line a very accurate Maxon Sheeter Unit has been engaged as well. In addition to this, in order to wind and slit the sheets for packaging industry, a 1 ton and 1 mm diameter capacity roll winder and 8 pieces slitter are staying at stand-alone form.

This machinery has been fed from full automatic crystallizer and dry air drier from Colortronic- Germay. A lots of alternative polymer sheets like PETG, PP, PC as one, two or three layer options with antiblock- antislip agent, UV stabilizer, optical brightener additives possibilities are available.

PET line has both sides cold lamination units for protective film application and also has hot lamination for different sheet extrusion alternatives.

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